Rocky Mountain Oysters

As many of you know Patrick has been wanting to try Rocky Mountain Oysters; I mean who can blame him? I’ve had them before; they don’t really impress me as they remind me of bland chewy fried chicken. I do think that if maybe someone would throw some serious Louisiana seasoning in there they would be better. And as we live in CO if you are going to try them for the first time this would be the place to do it right?

I love how some people scrunch up their faces at the thought of eating, specially people from my home state. Hello folks, y’all will eat, hog’s head cheese, hog feet, alligator, possum, nutria, squirrel, I mean do I really need to go on?

Last night we went to Denver to pick Saxon up from the airport.

Must sidetrack here:

Any decent mother would have blogged about this weeks ago; but work has had me ripping and running that I haven’t had a chance to. Short version, Saxon was flown out for his first college campus visit. As if that isn’t a proud enough moment (to the best of my knowledge no one in my family has had that happen for them) for me, it is to his number one school of choice U Penn. The story in getting him there is another one for the books maybe one day I’ll have time to share.

Backhere-we-go to Rocky Mountain Oysters

Since we were going to be in Denver we thought we’d try again to find them. Turns out easier said than done. We finally ended up at The trying Rocky Mountain OystersBuckhorn Exchange. The venue itself was great. Love the history. The price for the Rocky Mountain Oysters was very reasonable, $8 and change for a half an order (a full order was like $12.50) which all we needed as we were going out to dinner later. If I can ever figure out how to include video, I will add it to this. Look at Patrick’s face, what you can’t hear is him moaning. Gryphon gave it his stamp of approval; his only complaint was that it was a bit chewy.

While we thoroughly enjoyed our time at The Buckhorn Exchange I do have to say one negative thing. moanThese people are on crack. Okay maybe not literally, I kind of wish they were because then this would make sense. Remember the Rocky Mountain Oysters cost 8 bucks. Well Gryphon (who is now 4 y’all) wanted something to eat. And as I said we were going out to dinner later so I didn’t want to order him anything to filling. I asked for the good ole mamma standby of an order of fries only to be told they didn’t have fries.

I did a double take at that and made my own scrunched up face. The waiter did say they had chips. Gryphon loves potato chips and that seemed like a yumgood idea, because honestly at this point how was I supposed to know he’d be cool with what Patrick wanted? The chips were okay, they seemed to be kettle corn and were warm. I don’t know if they made themselves or just heated them, but it didn’t matter they were just to calm down a toddler.

Time to Go

Patrick gets the cheque and for the heck of it I asked what the bill came to; okay not for the heck of it. Patrick is a lousy tipper so I have to do this in order to make sure that whomever has taken care of us is covered. He told me $16 and change (I’d have to look at the receipt, which I do have) to know exact amount. I jerked my head back as if he had just thrown a glass of water in my face and was like WHAT?? I asked him two more times but his answer didn’t change. I was thinking that maybe they thought both he and I had wanted an order and what we thought was an excellent amount for ½ was really two ½. I kept saying that he had to be wrong. He finally handed me the receipt.

Nope he was right. $16 and change. The only thing we had was half an order or Rocky Mountain Oysters Gryphon’s chips. Heck we even drank water. That’s right ladies and gents, these crazy, insert profanity here, charged us $7 for Gryphon’s chips. When on god’s green earth have you EVER had a serving of chips worth 7 DOLLARS?

So if you are ever fortunate enough to swing by the place definitely try the Rocky Mountain Oysters but avoid the chips.

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