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Tenn Well 100pcs Kraft Paper Tags, Plain Wish Tags with 100 Feet Natural Jute Twine for Wedding Favor, Christmas Gift, Craft, Bonbonniere (Bone-Shape, Brown) by Tenn Well


I’m not sure how well these would work for gift tags. As I’m sure everyone who is going to review these will tell you they look like a dog bone (think Milkbone). If you were doing a simple brown paper wrapping then they would work, but they don’t look or feel very festive, and I don’t know anyone who would use these for a wedding gift.

However I knew before I agreed to review them that I would not be using as a gift tag. The reason I wanted them is I thought they would be great for my four year old’s pre-k class. His teacher is always looking for things that the kids can use for arts and crafts. She absolutely loved them. The paper is such a good quality that the kids will be able draw, paint, glitter, you get the idea without them easily tearing. You know how rough those little one’s can be. She loves the dog shaped and is sure she can work it into a lesson plan/story time or something else. The fact that they are a neutral brown made her happy as well as the colours that the kids put on will pop.

I have no idea if there were actually 100 as I didn’t bother to count but there are plenty for  the kids to do several projects. If you have a kindergartner or pre-k child and are looking for ways to help your teacher out you absolutely cannot go wrong with this.

I received this product discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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