Last of the Summer Wine

 CheersOr Do I Mean Whine

Okay, okay I know all of us mammas do this as milestones roll around. Heck if you are like I am then you used to roll your eyes when your mamma started waxing poetic about how ‘just yesterday you were her little baby’. The summer that has just ended will be  my eldests last summer here at home with me as he graduates this coming May.  Summer at home is a tad bit misleading.

Saxon’s Summer Highlights:

When I was a child way back when summers were spent hanging out with my cousins or at my Nannie Jean and Mawmaw’s (which now that I think about it is pretty much how every weekend went as well). There were a few summers that my mamma was able to send us to summer camp (basically due to local churches paying our way). I always wanted to send Saxon to camp but we never had enough money; when we lived in MD he spent his summer at the free day camps offered by the community centers. Out here in no where ville that isn’t an option. This summer though he blew my mind.

The Great Debater

First he spent a week in Utah competing at Nationals Speech and Debate Tournament. This is his second year on the team and for the second year in a row he qualified for National’s; this year he qualified in two events although participants can only compete in one. His coaches have already assured me that he will SaltLakeCity2016be going to next year’s competition as well.  For this event he earned his spot via competition and we paid for his trip via generous donations from family, friends, and several authors I know via social networking. Once again I cannot thank you all enough.

Your Next Congressman

Next on Saxon’s “I’m Too Busy to Stay at Home This Summer” tour was 5 days in North Carolina. Saxon is a member of his high school’s Youth in Government club sponsored by the YMCA (and here you thought they just did hostels). Apparently every summer they have their version of Nationals as well; It is called YMCA Youth CONA (Congress on National Affairs). To participate in this event you have to apply for a scholarship by submitting a proposal; if an applicants proposal is accepted then the Y flies you out to the conference and pays for your room and board. He had a blast. But I have yet to be allowed to read the proposal that got him there.

World Conqueror

20160716_082357Our traveling gnome still had one trip left to take this summer. Next he is off to the University of Notre Dame for a ten day conference: Leadership Seminar program in Science, Ethics and Responsibility; the specific focus being Global Issues: Towards a Just Peace. For this event he had to write an essay (once again I have yet to read this winning entry. They had over 180 applicants both nationally and internationally. They accepted just under 90 applicants. Now according to the website’s application process even if applicant received a scholarship based on financial need (which Saxon did) recipients are still responsible for the $150 non-refundable enrollment deposit. Saxon managed to have that fee waived. We paid nothing out of pocket for this trip save his spending money. I tried to have him purchase a Notre Dame sweatshirt. He balked; “Mamma, that thing costs over $37! I might buy a water bottle.” Which is exactly what he did.

Home Again Jiggety Jog


Now one would think that after all that Saxon would have been done for the summer; nope not my Sugar Britches. He then volunteered as a counselor at the Pueblo 4-H Adventure Day Camp (sorry I have no links for this program). H spent three days hanging out with 7 to 9 year old kids and he loved it.


And a few days later he began his senior year.


2 thoughts on “Last of the Summer Wine

  1. Jeree

    I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes. What an accomplished son, what an encouraging, respectful and mindfully proud mama. It makes me feel good inside to imagine that young people such as “sugar britches” have the kinds of values and dreams that could really impact our villages, country, and perhaps the world in ways that are sorely needed. I doubt I am alone in wishing your son the very best that life has to offer. And thank you for a delightful post I thoroughly enjoyed!


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