An Indoor Antenna That Actually Works

Pictek HDTV Antenna Indoor Long Range, 50 Miles Digital TV Antenna , V2 Upgraded Version with Amplifier Signal Booster for Best Reception, Black by Pictek


20160818_122807We cut the cable cord in my house a LONG time ago (over 4 years) and for the most part have never regretted as we stream almost everything. Well to be accurate I haven’t but Patrick has. He just has to be able to watch local news channel so obviously we need an antenna. On our older model TV we were using old fashioned rabbit ears and they were okay but that didn’t help once we left the bedroom.

In addition to the fact that the rabbit ears wouldn’t work on our Smart TV downstairs, the quality of the reception just isn’t that great. We live in CO and are surrounded by mountains which of course interfere with reception. That is the main reason I’ve never taken the plunge and bought one of the indoor antennas I have seen. So when I was given the opportunity to review one, I jumped at the chance.

I actually do have one complaint about this product. It doesn’t include the adapter needed to actually power the antenna. To be honest when I ordered it I didn’t look to see if it were included, in my mind of course it would be. I mean who would send you a product that requires you to purchase something else to actually turn it on, well something that isn’t run on batteries that is? It wasn’t until I was reading the, VERY easy to follow directions for assembly, that I discovered there was no power adapter. Fortunately, I happen to have an extra one from a defunct electronic device.20160818_122842

Now that the complaint is out of the way. This antenna rocks. We get over 26 local channels and most of them are excellent quality. We get the main one’s that we wanted, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX as well as PBS. But we get so much more. We get THREE PBS channels, one being VME (Spanish PBS, which I love as I like having my son watch educational shows in another language, he gets to watch a lot of his PBS favourites in Spanish) and at least 4 local Spanish channels, CW, Grit, and MeTV amongst others.

I’m not the world’s best photographer but I took photos of some of the channels. I don’t know if you’ll be able to see in the upper right hand corner not only does it say what channel it is (not that you will care about that as you don’t live in my area) but it shows that I’m using an antenna to view channel and not cable or my streaming device. I included a photo of the one poorly received Spanish channel just to show 20160818_122946that it isn’t perfect. To me the only channel that doesn’t look HD is the VME channel but that isn’t the antennas fault in my opinion.

We are able to get more channels if we move the antenna to various spots along the wall but we don’t need those channels. We chose not to use the 3M double sided adhesive that was included as depending on the weather we figured that we may need to move the position of the antenna for reception; we just leave it laying flat on the stand and are happy as can be.20160818_123011

We’ve had this antenna for almost a month now and with football season this is going to be great. I just wish they made an antenna for our non-HD TV that is upstairs.

Note I did receive this product at a discount in exchange for testing/evaluation/review. Was this review helpful. Please click yes or no below.

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