Birthday Blues

Where does all the time go?

I’m serious. I don’t just mean years, I mean hours in the day, days, weeks. These last few weeks I have found myself sounding more and more like my mamma and this weekend I was at it again as Saturday was Saxon’s 17th birthday.  But before that even happened the new school year had the audacity to begin on me.

In my last post I lamented about Sugar Britches busy, but exciting, summer. Well when he was finally home from all his gallivanting I thought that there was still at least two weeks of summer before he would start school. I found out from Gryphon’s pre-school director on a Wednesday that the kids would be returning to school the following MONDAY, what the heck? I hadn’t even bought the boy a backpack yet.

Flashback to August 2013

First Day of High School

Look at my boy on his first day of high school; looking so young.


August 17 2013 Birthday Nachos

Birthday Nachos The Size of My Head

This was take on August 2013, his first day at Pueblo West High School.  I was not here for this event as Patrick, Gryphon and I were still in South Carolina. And now here he is almost two weeks later celebrating his 14th birthday with his Aunt Sister, gawd only knows where they are to get such a huge bowl of nachos. I remember him talking to me and explaining how even he couldn’t eat it all, that it was just crazy.


Flash forward to 2016

20160815_064948Now here he is beginning his first day of high school. He is now taller than I am. I mean do you know how annoying it is to have him look down his nose and laugh at me as he reaches for things that are out of my reach. Makes me just wanna whack him.


At the same time I’m very proud of him. He is a full IB student. For those of you who don’t know what that means, it means that most nights he is up until 1 or 2 AM doing homework; this in addition to the academic clubs he belongs to. This year he is co-captain of the speech and debate team; a member of the Math Club, Mock Trial Team, Youth in Government, National Honors Society, Pueblo West Programming, and I hope there are no more. Did I mention his day begins at 6:15 AM? All the while maintaining a GPA that is above a 4.0. This year is the big year and not just because he’s graduating but because he takes 99% of his IB tests this year. In a nutshell if he scores high enough on them he will gradate with over 3/4 of his freshman college credits.

Happy Birthday Sugar Britches

Birthday Love from Brother

Sorry for the blur but well, Mamma emotional and not steady.

This past Saturday we celebrated his 17th birthday. As with his summer vacation this is a tad bittersweet for me. It is the last birthday he will spend at home. So here I am once again my mamma as I look at my first born; it was just he and I for over 6 years; and gone is my little boy and a young man who is transitioning out of my domicile. I look at him and know I’ve raised a great young man who will make the world a better place just by being who he is, but part of me misses those early years when he and I were talking about who he’d be when he grew up.

Per usual we are of course on a tight budget. Saxon has always been mindful of that. But come on it is his last birthday with me. I asked him what would he like to do, go to the movies with his friends, we could take him out to dinner, or he could go out to dinner with his friends, he elected to stay home. All he asked for was a cake (He chose not to have me bake it but wanted it from a box instead. I’m not sure how I feel about that.) and if Patrick could grill steaks. When asked what would he like for his birthday. All he’d do is shrug his shoulders. On the one hand it is great not to have a materialistic, on the other hand it is maddening..

Once I figure out how to insert video I’ll post two happy birthdays to you. It’s kind of cool to see them two years apart.


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