Waterproof Packable Backpack

Folding Backpack Waterproof Packable Backpack for Hiking and Camping by Tenn Well

You know how it is with the start of a new school year; always a ton of supplies to procure. This year for the first time in three years I found myself in need of a new backpack for my teenage son so when I was given the opportunity to review this backpack I thought it was very serendipitous.

I liked the fact that it is waterproof. My son has to walk about ¼ mile to his bus stop; we live in CO and in the winter it does snow. He of course is too much of a teenager to be bothered with something like an umbrella, he just puts the hood up on his hoodie rolls. Well obviously when it snows and he goes inside even if he brushes the snow off his back pack is going to get wet. So waterproof is definitely something I was looking for.

Where I went awry was I didn’t pay attention to the dimensions of the product. That is totally on me. They are clearly stated in the product description. But honestly as I don’t measure things even if I had paid attention to the measurements they wouldn’t have meant much to me. In my head a backpack is a backpack. Obviously if it has a cartoon character on it then it is for a young child and I would expect it to be smaller, otherwise I assume it’s going to be the size needed for any teenager.

What really should have given me a clue was the fact that it is a folding backpack. There is no way today’s student is going to be able to use a backpack that folds. One, it will be too small, and two, it won’t be sturdy enough for the amount of books middle and high school students carry. But in the hectic start of the school year I did not pay enough attention. What did worry me was the colour.

The blue ( I have a boy so I went with blue) struck me as being a tad bit juvenile for today’s teens but fortunately I have a weird boy. He really doesn’t care what is fashionable or considered cool, as long as it works. So I went ahead and ordered.

It arrived on time, no problems.

Well when I opened and saw it all neatly folded, I knew before I even unfolded it that it would never do for my senior. On any given day he is carry 25+ lbs in his bag. Most of his textbooks are too large to put more than two and maybe a binder. Size wise I’d say it is more of a young kids backpack. And that’s okay because guess what, I have a four year old that is in pre-school and he loves his new backpack.

BackpackIt is a tad bit big for him, but it does make me smile to see him walk out the door with his backpack on, as he say, “Just like Brother.”  He loves 20160831_070559the shade of blue it is as it goes so well with his Batman sunglasses. It’s perfect for him to carry his work home in, keep a change of clothes (in case he has an accident), and when there is something special at school (say he needs a picnic lunch, or there is a party and he gets goodies) there is plenty of room. That waterproof aspect is going to come in REAL handy with him as we walk to and from his school (a 3 mile round trip trek).


So all in all I am happy with this item, I just don’t think it’s practical for anyone that is beyond the 5th grade and it’s ‘title’ says for camping, I’m not sure this would work for a serious camper.

I received this product discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review

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