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Here is where I tell you way more about myself than you ever wanted to know. You’d think this would be an easy enough page to create. I mean after all these years I should certainly be able to tell folks about myself. But it always sounds so cheesy doesn’t it? Either it’s a boring recital of facts or it comes across as trying too hard to seem conversational. It’s times like these that I wish I were a writer.

I was born and raised in Louisiana. I’m from an itty-bitty town that even most folks in Louisiana have not heard of, Bunkie. If you put your finger on the middle of the map you will cover where it is located (unless you have like the skinniest finger ever). We are the Cajun Crossroads, which basically means that with our parish, Avoyelles, you have officially entered Cajun territory. No, not all of Louisiana is Cajun, it just wishes it were.

I dropped out of high school 5 weeks before graduation, a boring story I won’t bother you with but no I was not pregnant. While my mother did not kill me for such a thing she did make it clear I was expected to get a job that could support me outside of her house. I wound up becoming a nanny and moved to the NJ/NYC area and spent several happy years there. Eventually I decided I could not live the care free nanny life forever and returned to Louisiana to attend college, specifically University of New Orleans.

After graduating from college (see one can drop out of high school and still get a college degree) I became a high school teacher. Ironically in my final semester I did get pregnant and had to drop out but I went back the following fall to finish. I absolutely loved teaching. It is all I had ever wanted to do, I even wrote that in my baby book in my own handwriting. It was one of those that covered the first five years of life, had an old time school house on it. I taught in Orleans Parish  for two years before moving up to the MD/DC area where I spent the next 13 years teaching. I taught in Charles County at Henry E. Lackey and then the rest at DuVal High School.

Somewhere during this time period I met Patrick and we began dating. We currently live together but are not married. I’m sure I’ll post about my views on marriage at some point but won’t here.

Due to politics I left the field of teaching (I won’t bore you with that either) after the birth of my second child. Yes, for those of you doing the math that is a 13 year age gap, beware New Year’s Eve, your birthday, wine AND the misconception that you are perimenopausal without a formal diagnosis.

Patrick got a new job telecommuting that allowed us to leave MD for his home state of SC. Due to circumstances (mainly the local high school did not meet my requirements) my oldest son, Saxon, was sent to CO to live with his Aunt Sister as her local high school was vastly superior to the one in SC. I became what is known as a freelancer. After a year there, Saxon was enjoying his school so much that he wanted to stay. Since Patrick and I both worked virtually we packed up and moved out to CO to be with my sister and allow Saxon to stay at this high school. Of course not three months after we get out here my punk little sister moves back to Louisiana.

I continued to explore the world of freelancing. I have served as a project manager for an virtual assistant company, an author/publicity assistant for a few independent authors, customer service manager for Amazon sellers and am currently the personal assistant for a team of  Inside Business Channel Managers and the event manager for a team of Enterprise Marketing Managers for Palo Alto Networks.

I belong to several Amazon product review groups and figure a blog is as good a place as any to post about the products that I get (and yes I do get them at a discounted rate for reviews), although some things I buy full price.

So now living in Colorado are, Patrick, Saxon, Gryphon, Abita and Pinot Noir (our two cats) and myself. We have one year left here as the plan is to move back to the East Coast once Saxon graduates.

See I told you in the beginning that this is more than you wanted to know.