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A Guide Dog for the Thick:Eventmanager

Terry Doe
Terry Doe Published in October 19, 2018, 1:06 am
 A Guide Dog for the Thick:Eventmanager

A Guide Dog for the Thick:Eventmanager

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Carol Reply to on 14 October 2014
An amazingly fab book, never will you think you have a naughty dog, compared to the lovable Morris, Terry Doe writes in a down to earth, funny easy to read way. A must for all dog lovers, absolutely must adorn all English Bull Terrier owners shelves. Would make a great gift xx
Elaine Potter
Elaine Potter Reply to on 6 June 2018
I bought this book before, but gave it to a friend, who was eager to own a bull terrier!!! Still find it hilariously funny and so typical of the breed..Owned BT's since 1978,...that's 4 so far !!! Very addictive, great company...
tuftylfc Reply to on 26 March 2013
I bought this book for my wife. We had a fabulous Bully called Dodger and reading this book has brought back fond memories of those times, they obviously all have similar traits. My wife has literally been laughing out loud while reading this book in bed and is forever reading lines out to me followed by "Dodge did that didn't he"
A brilliant read for any dog lover but perhaps best for us Bully lovers
Shalaco Reply to on 14 July 2013
It's a good laugh, but, sadly good friends have an English called Spot. She is the most docile, idle, dum dog I've ever known.
So I can relate to it when reading this book.
But I do think Terry Doe has the more intelligent and active one in Morris, which could make matters worse cos they don't have brakes.
I don't think I need say more.
A good laugh and I'm going to give the book to my friends.
j c adams
j c adams Reply to on 10 September 2013
I have an EBT, by default rather than choice and they are the most adorable and stupid, loving stubborn breed of dog I have ever owned. This book reminds me that its not their fault :-)
Helen Hughes
Helen Hughes Reply to on 16 January 2018
if you love bull terriers you'll enjoy this book
EEEE Reply to on 13 September 2014
I did not know the author, or that he writes for a dog magazine, so it took me a while to get into this book. However, after a couple of chapters I could really relate to this dog and his master and found the book an enjoyable and amusing read.
Peter Firth
Peter Firth Reply to on 13 June 2014
I could see in my mind are Morris and his adventures,It is so well written and the pictures show that glint in his eyes show you just cannot put anything past his passion for mischief and all out Havoc
slimheather Reply to on 2 January 2015
Only read 2 chapters but i love it already, I am on to my second EBT and they are virtually bullet proof and seem completely unaware of the carnage they may have just caused. I cannot wait to read the rest.
kelly2305 Reply to on 10 September 2013
Such a heart warming book. It's nice to know there's a bully out there more crazy than mine. Short stories that had me in tears of laughter and also empathising with Terry his brow beaten owner. A must have for Bull Terrier owners and dog lovers alike
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