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At Your Service (Masters and Mercenaries Topped Book 4):Eventmanager

Lexi Blake
Lexi Blake Published in October 19, 2018, 12:13 am
 At Your Service (Masters and Mercenaries Topped Book 4):Eventmanager

At Your Service (Masters and Mercenaries Topped Book 4):Eventmanager


JJ Reply to on 21 November 2017
Another good story from Lexi. I enjoyed reading about some of the previous characters .
This book was a little slow to get going compared to the others but still a good read.
Elly Symonds
Elly Symonds Reply to on 22 November 2017
Lexi Blake's Masters and Mercenaries series is such a good read. It is a series that you can get really involved with this world peopled by great characters.
A Leonie
A Leonie Reply to on 8 December 2017
Not quite extra bonus,but a filler till another novel arrives. Tied in nicely to the anthology,but was lacking in warmth and passion for me,yes me.
julie taylor
julie taylor Reply to on 2 September 2018
The only MF books I read are this series and I adore them all
Louislands Reply to on 16 November 2017
Yet again another installment of the extended T-M family I couldn't put down. You want to know about and care about the characters and Lexi never disappoints.
Ruthie T
Ruthie T Reply to on 18 November 2017
~~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads ~~

If you have never read any of this series before, then I do recommend them all to you - and your experience of this book would be richer for knowing the rationale, and understanding behind what many of the gang say to both Javier and Jules in this story. But it is also an excellent read in its own right. And, having enjoyed it, you will find that you have a wonderful collection of books to add to your reading list.

Juliana used the Navy to escape her mother, but ended up losing the ability to do the thing she loved the most, cooking. She has found herself in a hostess role in Top, which keeps her near food, but is also frustrating her. The fact that she is attracted to chef Javier does not help. His womanising ways are not an attraction, but nearly everything else about him is. I admired how positive she was about her position, even if it was only on the surface - and it contrasted well with Javier's brother.

Completely blindsided by how Jules has got under his skin, Javier has to work out how he is going to get the girl. It is fun watching the other guys tease him, and remember how many of them had to fight to get their girl too. His Dom talents are not used to exploit the situation, instead he is very mindful of Jules' needs and kinky play is very carefully introduced. It would be fun to see them grow in future installments.

Loved catching up with old friends, seeing two more people who needed each other connect and become integrated as a couple in the wider family. A definite feel good novel in the series, without too much angst!

~~Wicked Reads Review Team~~
Becky Cox
Becky Cox Reply to on 16 November 2017
Javi and Jules story had some elements that were vastly different which is a nice change. Jules is a military vet amputee, which I have not seen before and I really liked that the female vets, amputee or not, were getting some heroine cred.

Jules has some issues, besides the obvious, that I really didn't get in the big scheme of things but seriously liked her character nonetheless. She is feisty and confident (at least on the outside). I admire her independence and resilience.

Javi is ex-military as well. He is a manwhore extraordinaire, or was. He is ready for something serious and has his sights set on Jules. These two took a bit to figure out all their miscommunication or lack of communication but found their HEA.

I enjoyed getting to hear from some of the characters from previous stories I have read.

Ms. Blake writes a great story and I enjoy her heroes and heroines. The Masters and Mercenaries series has had some great characters and continues to do so.

I received an ARC for an honest review.

Reviewed by Becky for JoandIsaLoveBooks
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