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Ozric Tentacles
Ozric Tentacles Published in October 19, 2018, 1:02 am
 Technicians Of The Sacred [VINYL]:Eventmanager

Technicians Of The Sacred [VINYL]:Eventmanager

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CC Man
CC Man Reply to on 14 March 2017
The UK band with the crazy name that most people have never heard of and you almost certainly have never listened to on your mainstream radio station. Ozric Tentacles have been going for 30 years and this double CD is their 21st studio album. Never signed to a major label, the Ozrics have built a reputation for space prog rock through countless festival and live shows. The band has gone through many personnel changes and the sole original founding member is guitarist Ed Wynne. It's now a mainly family affair, with wife Brandi on bass and son Silas on various keyboards with musicians added as and when. What hasn't changed much over the years is the whole metaphysical, new age, space rock/ethnic beats vibe, or as the band says on their web page - '90 minutes of mind bending astral journeys ready and waiting to transport you to another world.' That pretty much sums it all up with muscular synth beats interweaving with Ed Wynne's sinuous guitar and driving bass. OK, there's not much variation on the basic formula but if you like this sort of stuff you will love it. If you don't there's much to hate. Me? Roll on the next album.
Rod Ellis
Rod Ellis Reply to on 6 January 2016
Wow - I am really enjoying this amazing music. I love the wonderful energy, multiple layers of sound and feeling of space created. The intro track, The High Pass, is just amazing and that's true of all that follows. This collection is also equivalent to a double length album so represents great value. I cannot understand how I have missed the Ozrics until now - in the 70's I was into Floyd, Hawkwind and later traditional/electronic mash ups. So now it's time to work through the Ozrics amazing back catalogue!
Thanks Ozrics - may you be happy, peaceful and well :)
DrTerror Reply to on 1 June 2016
The best Ozric release since 'The Hidden Step'!.
Even though this double CD hasn't got the overall 'ethnic vibe' of the earlier Ozric releases,it is by far the best release in a long while.
There are many standout tracks on this album,and if you are an Ozric's fan,from any era in their 30 odd year career (me?,I have been a fan since 1989),you REALLY owe it to yourself to buy this 2 CD set!.
bopperle Reply to on 26 July 2015
If you are a fan then you know what you are going to get.
I haven't heard the Ozrics for over 15 years and this came as a bit of a suprise.
It doesn't sound as raw as I remember.
Nevertheless, great for lying on the sofa in the dark with a big mug of tea and some choccy biccys and letting your mind wander, lost in the music.
Kenneth H. Hancox
Kenneth H. Hancox Reply to on 26 March 2016
Just love Ozric. but they have lost that strangeness they use to have by letting seaweed go and John on flutes and whistles. Don't get me wrong a nice album but the weirdness has gone that made Ozric something special this is a grower of an album but the others grew much better. There use to be a delicate merge of unusual rock and mesmerizing synth with weirdness it has taken a back seat now
Ade Reply to on 17 April 2018
Another fantastic vinyl pressing. Silent background, great detail. Not my favourite Ozric LP, as it could have a little more variation, but certainly has plenty of life in it. A must have, if you are a fan. 5 stars for the quality of the product, and the great musicianship.
Jazzman Reply to on 16 August 2016
I used to like the Ozrics back in the 90s so I thought I'd give this more recent album a spin. But try as I may to get into it, it just doesn't measure up for me. The characteristic OT sounds are all present & correct, but the soul and the magic aren't. Another reviewer used the word lacklustre and I'm afraid that word sums up my impression of it too.
I R Bones
I R Bones Reply to on 21 August 2015
The Ozrics sound changed a little when they moved to the US. I felt they had lost their way with Paper Monkeys - I don't know if this is down to using different equipment as i know they lost most of what they had in a fire, BUT i feel they've got it back and this album is a grower on me. I like it.
Uncle Bill
Uncle Bill Reply to on 28 September 2015
I bought this on a whim, having heard some old stuff by the Ozrics. I don't know a great deal about the band so I can't compare it to other albums as well as bigger fans might be able to. It sounds less live instruments to earlier material, but it's slick, beautiful and pulsating.
steve chamberlin
steve chamberlin Reply to on 28 August 2017
excellent album,very good pressing.
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