Eventmanager Large Plastic Bag Holder Red Polka Dot (Choice of Size):Eventmanager
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Large Plastic Bag Holder Red Polka Dot (Choice of Size):Eventmanager

Izabela Peters
Izabela Peters Published in October 18, 2018, 11:58 pm
 Large Plastic Bag Holder Red Polka Dot (Choice of Size):Eventmanager

Large Plastic Bag Holder Red Polka Dot (Choice of Size):Eventmanager

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Hamster Granny
Hamster Granny Reply to on 15 October 2014
Fantastic. I really like this and wish I had got one years ago. I just came across it by accident while looking for cushions. We now have more cupboard space as the plastic bags just used to get stuffed into the pan cupboard and it was a mess! Other half likes it too and he is not the slightest bit interested in such things. It hangs on a hook on the wall with the potato bag, which was another excellent thing, given by my Mother. This item is well made and good quality, functional and looks nice.
Rich1987 Reply to on 12 September 2017
Nice item, just loses 1 star as i expected the "extra large" to be bigger. I shouldn't think just the large is much good if this is the extra large.
avid shopper
avid shopper Reply to on 7 December 2017
Still not as big as I'd thought but it was ok
Dave B
Dave B Reply to on 27 July 2017
Does what it says in the description - good quality fabric & stitching that should stand up to wear and tear.
Ronald William Burt
Ronald William Burt Reply to on 31 July 2017
Just what we needed to keep the bags in order - good size
C.Watchman Reply to on 21 January 2017
Good quality and a very useful item. Recommended to everyone who needs to store plastic bags.
angelpopeye Reply to on 14 June 2014
Cheerful and colourful - I like the detail of the machine embroidered label, "Bags". It is roomy - but not over-big and bulgy when full. Good quality cotton, sturdy drawcord. Not cheap - but unique and stylish. Happy customer.
D, G and H
D, G and H Reply to on 5 April 2017
Happy with this storage bag which matches my kitchen
Paola Reply to on 6 April 2017
Love this. It's great to hold the bags in and the design it's very nice
Val Reply to on 5 April 2016
Brilliant and looks great. Good size. Takes a lot of plastic carrier bags. Would certainly recommend.
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